Who is the current staff?

Our current lineup of presenters and producers is:

(Sunday) Bob Troutman, Charlie Schmitz, Mike Tornatore, Sue Orr, Matt Olsen, Dan Darbandi, “Audio Jack”

(Monday) Harry Shearer, Nancy Walton, “Floppy,” Richard Alexander, Jeff Overturf, Glenn Tousignant

(Tuesday) Nancy Walton, Lukas Phelan, Chester Seitz, Jon Van Dyke, Hiram Mariner, Michael Cuslidge

(Wednesday) Ann & Allen Szalda-Petree, Mick Harsell, Sue Orr, John Hulbert, David Max, Doug McDonald, Ben Weiss

(Thursday) Richard Wachs, Mick Harsell, Jesse Blumenthal, Glenn Parks, Lee Graham, Anthony Lozada & the Funhouse, Joe Clinch

(Friday) Genevieve Spencer, Mick Harsell, Quincy Riordan, “The Skittles,” Laurie Peterson, “Stu & Phil”

(Saturday) Christyann Brown, Rebecca Kelley, Jeff Overturf, Tim Branda, Geoff Easton


Our General Manager is : Jon Van Dyke

The current KFGM board of directors is as follows: (click for bio, where available)

President: Ann Szalda-Petree

President Elect:Michael Cuslidge

Vice President: Aaron Jennings

Secretary: Sue Orr

Treasurer: Justice Ender


Our Union Liaison and Organizational Consultant is Mick Harsell.