Will you support Missoula Community Radio?

This station, KFGM – Missoula Community Radio – 105.5 LPFM, began broadcasting at 10:55AM on January 1st, 2017.  Operating 24 hours a day, we are a community radio station through and through.

Since then, we have trained dozens of local volunteers in the operation of broadcast equipment, and in the rules and regulations of radio.

In turn those volunteers have committed hundreds of hours to our community by presenting unique, independently produced programs, and have inspired even more community members to take advantage of this new asset.

Thanks to all our on-air personalities!

Our current program schedule and current playlist:

In April 2016, we built and erected our broadcasting tower and installed it on the roof of the Historic Labor Temple, in Downtown Missoula! Click on the video below for a brief visual experience of the occasion.

Your donation helps keep us going!

Thank you to With a Cause Productions for the wonderful video work! Check them out at missoulamovie.com!