As of 10:55AM, January 1st, 2017 Missoula Community Radio began broadcasting. We have maintained a 24 hour broadcast since that time. Throughout the month of January we will be focused on training DJ’s building out our studio and program schedule in preparation to launch official KFGM programming on January 28th.

We are getting closer to broadcasting every day!

In August we obtained our antennae and Emergency Alert System encoder/decoder. Our transmitter is back from the mechanic good as new. Our office and studio space have been rewired with adequate lighting and electrical circuits (thanks Anchor Electric!).

In April, we built and erected our broadcasting tower, and installed it on the roof of the Historic Labor Temple, in Downtown Missoula! Click on the video below for a brief visual experience of the occasion.

But we still need a few more pieces to put this puzzle together. Your donation is critically important at this point!

Thank you to With a Cause Productions for the wonderful video work! Check them out at missoulamovie.com !