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Our Mission Statement:
"Missoula Community Radio creates a medium for all community members to enrich and engage their community directly and freely by producing educational, socially just, culturally aware, and entertaining radio programming"

The call letters assigned by the FCC to our broadcast at 105.5FM are KFGM – “For the Good of Missoula”

Program Schedule:

To see our awesome, (if we do say so ourselves) program schedule featuring over 40 members of your community; Click HERE


DJ Spotlight!

In each newsletter,  we will profile a DJ. This month features  "Unca Jeffy"  Jeff Overturf. While he refers to his  DJ position as a "dream job"  all DJ's are volunteers.

  Jeff "Unca Jeffy" Overturf was born and reared in Great Falls, Montana.Each Born in 1he spent his first 21 years there with his first job being a professional Bingo caller. Once he saved up the grand sum of $400 and sold his 1970 Chevy Impala for $85, he booked a one-way flight to Los Angeles to set the world on fire.

  For 30 years in sunny Southern California he worked as a cook, a printer, a photographer, a caricature artist, a print production manager, a freelance advertising cartoonist, and can even tout being a 'professional' songwriter, having earned as much as $1,001 for his efforts. It COUNTS, dangit

  After spending 29 years and 8 months in Cali (I'm calling it an even 30...there's some sweat equity there, I'm sure), having done everything there is to do and having everything done to him that can be done, and having recouped his original $400 dollar investment with about a $50 dollar profit even! He decided to head back to Montana. Knowiing Great Falls waasn't really his kind of town, he opted for Missoula.

  He loves sharing seldom heard artists and cuts with a wider audience than he has in his living room and LOVES being part of a truly dedicated group of people and their pledge to serve their community. "It's a dream job with full creative control that has never felt run-of-the-mill, ordinary, or even like a job. Feels like I can actually make a contribution for the good. says Unca Jeffy.

  KFGM is Unca Jeffy's first foray into radio joining the team in March of 2017. He now produces, curates and hosts 2 regualar shows, "The Unca Jeffy Olde Timey Radio Broadcast Show Program"from 1-2 pmTuesdays and the twice weekly "Unca Jeffy Happy-Time, Fun-Time, Good Music,120 Minute Radio Hour, Jubilee, Jamboree, Shindig, and Hootenanny Show" 6-8 pm Saturdays and 2-4 pm Wednesdays.


New DJs! New Programs!

DJ Dan D, new to KFGM, saying hi here!

Hope you'll tune into my Sunday night show, "Earatation", from 8p-10p, where I play a variety of cuts from musical ingenues, internet weirdos, and noise bands. We'll laugh, groan, and muse at some of the stranger musical acts that have come through over the years. Outsiders welcome and encouraged! Looking forward to get to know you all as I deepen my involvement at the station. I have programmed a variety of music and comedy programs and have provided production assistance at various community stations around the country and am excited to be part of the action here in Missoula!



So far this year we've been a part of some great events and fundraisers!

• The second annual Radio Party at Free Cycles with KBGA, where we hosted a panel discussion featuring staff members from Community Stations across Montana! (KFGM, KBGA, KBMF, and KGVM)

• Did you know that KFGM Adopted a Highway? Last year we started taking care of a two-mile stretch of Highway 93 S in Lolo. We clean it at least twice a year. Want to help? Let us know!

• In May we were proud to be a part of Missoula Gives and are so grateful for the donations we received which will help us and many other great organizations in our valley grow and help others. We raised over $2000 with the help of over 40 donors! We even made a fun video for it, check it out HERE

•  7th Annual Northside/Westside block party at the ZACC was a blast! We've really enjoyed being a part of this event for the last three years and hopefully for many more to come! 

Union Hall Ballroom

This year we have begun regularly hosting events and musical acts upstairs as a way to engage our community and create more space and support for the arts. Starting in September, we'll be hosting an event every First Friday - from 7:30 - 9:30. Before the end of 2018 we're working on having live  broadcasts from the Historic Union Hall Ball Room!

AUGUST 17th: All ages punk show! Featuring: New Old FutureEaster IslandShellshock LullabyA River Runs Through It . 7PM! For more information, CLICK HERE

September 7th: KFGM Variety Showcase, Honoring the Awesome Women of Missoula with all female performers! Featuring Music, Comedy, Drama, and Literature 7:30PM-9:30PM

If you'd like to host an event as a fundraiser for KFGM in the Ballroom, reach out to us at:


Who's Listening?

We stream our programming 24/7 through Now that we've been doing this for over a year we can get an idea of how much this service is used. A very broad average tells us that we get over 25 'listening hours' a day, and often over 50 unique listeners. It's great to know that someone is always listening!

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to tell how many people are dialed in to KFGM on their radio - and that's where our hearts are! If you're listening to 105.5 on your local dial reach out to us and let us know via our Facebook page, or email. We'd love to hear how our station fits into your life! Give us feedback in a response to this email, and we just might find a special way to say 'Thank You!'


A big thank you to all who have helped us get this far, on the air for a year and half. To those you are inclined to help us do even better, especially with our community outreach goals, please click on this link and show us some love in the form of a donation.

We rely almost entirely on donations to handle our monthly operating costs, and are in desperate need of equipment upgrades. Every little bit helps! Thank you for your ongoing support!

Special thanks to our Underwriters: Walla Walla School of Social Work, Thomas C Orr Law Offices and The Union Club Bar and Grill .

If you're interested in showing your support for Missoula Community Radio through underwriting - let us know in a response to this email!

Thank you from all of us here at 105.5 KFGM-LP, Missoula Community Radio!